About Us

Why An Alliance?

Across the nation, local decision makers and equity advocates are committed to improving schools — including school board members, state and district leaders, civil rights advocates, families, educators, and even students themselves. However, a lack of coordination can limit the impact of these efforts. The Alliance for Resource Equity works to bring many combinations of stakeholders together around a framework for shared understanding, and a plan for collaborative action.

Our Approach
Transform systems and structures by building knowledge, capacity, and public and political will.
Education Resource Equity in 2020-21
Child learning on laptop

School can unlock every child’s power to live a life of their choosing.

And for those that believe every child can reach high levels with the right combination of supports, living our values means directing resources where they are needed most this school year.

America is grappling with an ongoing pandemic, an economic recession, and renewed national recognition of systemic racism. COVID-19, in particular, has exacerbated the barriers that students of color and students with higher needs face to access excellent learning opportunities. Therefore, schools must provide those students who have been impacted with different levels and combinations of support. This puts schools, systems, families, communities, and education advocates at a critical juncture. Together, as we embark on the 2020-21 school year, we must do what we have not been able to do before these crises: to mobilize the right combination of resources that create high-quality learning experiences and meet the distinct needs of every student. That idea —education resource equity — is what we need to ensure that school unlocks every child’s power to live a life of their choosing.

In this together,

The Alliance for Resource Equity Team