• School Funding

    Does each student attend school in a district that distributes funding based on the needs of its students? Does funding support all children to achieve and thrive?

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  • Teaching Quality & Diversity

    Does each student have access to strong teachers and teaching practices that meet their needs? Do the teachers reflect the diversity of the student population?

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  • School Leadership Quality & Diversity

    Does each student have access to strong school leadership that meets their needs? Does the school leadership reflect the diversity of the students and staff?

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  • Empowering, Rigorous Content

    Does each student have access to high-quality and culturally relevant curriculum, advanced courses, arts, and enrichment opportunities?

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  • Instructional Time & Attention

    Does each student who needs it receive additional instructional time and/or attention?

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  • Positive & Inviting School Climate

    Does each student experience a safe and supportive environment, fair rules and policies, positive relationships with staff, and meaningful family engagement?

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  • Student Supports & Intervention

    Does each student have access to the social-emotional, physical, mental health, family, and post-secondary education support they need to succeed?

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  • High-Quality Early Learning

    Does each student have access to high-quality preschool programs?

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  • Learning-Ready Facilities

    Does each student attend schools with safe, well-maintained facilities? Does each student have access to functioning, up-to-date equipment?

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  • Diverse Classrooms & Schools

    Does each student attend schools and classes that are racially/ethnically and socioeconomically diverse?

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COVID-19 Impact on Equity
Child learning on laptop

School can unlock every child’s power to live a life of their choosing.

Right now, millions of students across the country are experiencing learning loss and instability as a result of COVID-19 school closures. This moment is filled with stress and uncertainty as communities — including education leaders, advocates, educators, and families — are grappling with the immediate impacts of COVID-19 and face the very real fear of not knowing the longer-term impacts.

One thing that equity-minded education leaders and advocates do know with certainty is that the virus has illuminated existing longstanding inequities and further harmed our most vunerable communities and students. The recession we are entering will almost certainly do the same.

This puts schools, systems, and communities at a critical juncture. Together, as we turn toward planning for how to reopen schools, we have an imperative to do what we may not have been able to do before this health crisis: to mobilize the right combination of resources that create high-quality learning experiences and meet the distinct needs of every student — so that race, ethnicity, ability, language, family background, or zip code no longer predict a student’s life trajectory. As an education community, we have both the responsibility and the opportunity to respond to COVID-19 with a keen eye toward unlocking equity.

Our Alliance for Resource Equity team is currently working hard behind the scenes to develop guidance for policymakers, state and district leaders, and school communities navigating the challenging decisions that lay ahead. You can sign up for updates here.

In this together,

The Alliance for Resource Equity Team